Backyard Cinema brings Miami to the Elephant and Castle

Backyard Cinema brings Miami to the Elephant and Castle

| Enjoy indoor beach cinema while sipping a cocktail on a giant beanbag with sand between your toes. |

Shakespeare mentions the Elephant Lodgings in “Twelfth Night”. Antonio says “In the south suburbs, at the Elephant, is best to lodge.” It didn’t seem to concern the great bard that he refers to a London suburb in play set on the coast of the Adriatic. Following in the same vein, a pop up cinema with a Miami beach theme is to set up near the Elephant and Castle (or just the Elephant as the locals call it).

Backyard Cinema, which has previously brought pop-up movie theatres themed around chapels, gardens and dinosaurs to different parts of London, will be bringing the sandy screen to the area from the end of May. It will take over a space at Newington Causeway food market Mercato Metropolitano for the duration of summer, and take its style lead from Miami.

Take your shoes off, slip into Backyard Cinema flip-flops, sip your cocktail and watch the movie. Films coming up include Ace Ventura: Pet Detective – the one where Jim Carrey’s animal detective searches for the missing Miami Dolphins’ mascot (spoiler alert – a bottlenose dolphin). What could be more appropriate?

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