About Ozseeker

OzSeeker is an information resource for those with an interest in leisure property development. We scan the globe and publish news stories every day; reference material of all kinds; contacts; facts, figures and trends from the leisure industry…from trivial to crucial.

We are more than a news website though; we are a team of experts who can help you find the answers to your queries. Whether you’re looking for a consultant, a specialist designer, advice on all kinds of leisure, from snow domes and cinemas to restaurants, cafes and family entertainment, we can help.

And what qualifies us to say this? We live and breathe leisure – all day, every day.

Our Team

  • Donatas Tranauskis

    Donatas Tranauskis

    still to come!

  • John Sullivan

    John Sullivan


    John is regularly referred to as “The Google of Leisure” for the mere fact that his contacts in leisure property development spread worldwide through a life of leisure (and hard work).

    He began his career as a residential developer and then went into leisure, with a focus on cinemas, acting for independent cinema groups. He gained a real understanding of how to make cinema work.

    In the early 90s John went global, working with Australian leisure group, Village Roadshow and Warner Bros, with their international expansion plan. This operation took him to South Korea, the UK, Germany, Poland, France and Italy.

    Diversification of his client base led him into other forms of leisure, from extreme sports and family entertainment to Imax cinemas and arenas. He became an advisor to developers, local authorities and governments.

    He has a prodigious memory for the thousands of people he has worked with over his career, and can always be relied upon to give sound advice, delivered with authority and a sense of Australian humour.

  • Judith Querfurth

    Judith Querfurth

    Judith is the driving force behind Ozseeker, being both site manager and advertising executive.
    Always one step ahead, she is responsible for everything Ozseeker, from scanning the web for the latest stories to fielding requests for information.
    She joined Ozseeker in 2011, and if you read the Ozseeker Newsletter – that’s created in her own fair hand.

  • Ffion Davies

    Ffion Davies


    Ffion joined the Ozseeker team in 2015 as researcher and content manager and is responsible for publishing the latest leisure industry news stories, facts, figures and trends. He has experience of working on both sides of the Atlantic and is currently finalising a degree in management consulting at Southampton University.