Hipsters find bowling is right up their alley

Hipsters find bowling is right up their alley

An experienced troubleshooter helped to revitalise the fortunes of a young company that was threatening to stagnate

All Star Lanes, the ten-pin bowling spot in east London’s trendy Brick Lane, is a sea of garish knitwear and antlers, having been taken over for Christmas parties by City workers and local businesses.

A man dressed as an elf sends a ball thundering into the gutter, then shrugs at his colleagues — an expression familiar to despondent bowlers down the ages. “There are cave drawings that show the game’s genesis,” claims Christian Rose, managing director of All Star Lanes, as he ducks into a soundproof karaoke room to shelter from the festive din. “Prehistoric man had sticks he threw rocks at.”

Bowling has evolved since then: All Star Lanes’s website describes the modern norm, which has its origins in 19th-century America, as “sticky floors…

Source: The Times

Image: Christian Rose at All Star Bowling, which has prime sites in London and Manchester and has plans to expand to Bristol, Leeds and Edinburgh Photo by MARY TURNER FOR THE TIMES

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