Emerging cinema markets conference includes “many firsts”

Emerging cinema markets conference includes “many firsts”

Leading cinema exhibitors, technology companies and industry experts met to explore innovations, opportunities and challenges for cinema development in Emerging Cinema Markets – ECM2018.

Emerging cinema markets conference. Image courtesy of ECM2018
Image courtesy of ECM2018
70% of the world’s growth likely to come from the Emerging Markets by 2030.

There were many firsts at #ecmistanbul 2018
• The first time an international cinema convention has ever taken place in Turkey and the first time that there’s been an international focus on the Turkish market during a dedicated session
• First ever international conference with a Saudi national discussing cinema on stage
• First ever presentation on Kazakhstan cinema at an international cinema convention
• First ever focused panel on Africa – this was a packed session and a real highlight
• First time Eikon presented the wonders of digitally adapting films, to suit local censorship, to an international audience
• The first time many of our delegates had ever been to a Turkish shopping centre and visited the incredible cinemas within these high class areas – changing the pre conceptions of cinema in Turkey for many of the delegates
• Plus …
• Session on Pakistan – amazing presentation which highlighted how much needs to be done in a country of over 200 million people
• Session on Angola and Mozambique – insight into the people and culture of this area
• Highlighting the untapped areas of growth including Event Cinema

“The Emerging Cinema Markets Conference is crucial to the development of the new opportunities across Africa, Central Asia, the Balkans, Eastern Europe and Turkey. We would like to thank the large numbers of delegates, companies, sponsors and suppliers from all over the world who we met in Istanbul.

The conference provided suppliers, exhibitors and content providers from the regions a unique chance to come together at #ecmistanbul to explore, discuss and learn about the key developments, technical challenges and innovations that are central to the cinema industry today and looking ahead to the future. We are so pleased that so many people signed up to attend what was a very informative and interesting event and one that also offered a unique chance to network with industry experts and professionals.

Emerging Cinema Markets will take time to grow with the expertise and an appreciation by all stakeholders – exhibitors, distributors, professional services and trade supply chains. There will be challenges as well as opportunities.

Think differently if you’ve never worked in Emerging Markets before… In mature markets companies defend – cut costs, analyse the competition, follow best practices and work to established processes. This is the new frontier – the world is different.

Transparency, Integrity, Trust and Compliance are key areas which will enable the development of cinemas in Emerging Markets.

#ecmistanbul provides the ideal forum to share views, opinions and future opportunities”.

Source: (press release) DCS Events

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