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£1bn urban regeneration scheme set to transform Bolton

Bolton Council’s regeneration masterplan proposes to create 7,400 new jobs and 1,800 homes and generate economic activity worth an additional £412m.

The £1bn regeneration scheme in Bolton will be phased out across more than 10 years, but the transformation has already started. With an economic output worth £4.6bn, Bolton is an important part of the Greater Manchester economy, which is the UK’s largest economy outside of London and one of the fastest growing economies in Europe.

Bolton is well renowned as one of the friendliest places in the UK, making it an attractive city to live, study, visit, do business, and invest in. It’s a 12-minute train journey to Manchester and 60% of UK businesses are within a two-hour drive, offering a convenient location for working professionals.

Boosting Bolton with regeneration and development

As one of the largest towns in Europe, Bolton offers a range of regeneration opportunities, including numerous housing schemes and commercial development. The town’s growing population currently sits around 280,000 and is projected to surpass 300,000 by 2025, showing the need for further development.

The Bolton 2030 Vision aims to create a vibrant town with successful businesses, healthy locals, and cohesive communities. The Bolton Council is looking to use £100m direct investment to fund important infrastructure projects to help deliver developments across the town centre.

Church Wharf – A key housing development

Church Wharf, located in the heart of the town centre, is one of the five key developments for Bolton’s regeneration scheme. The £150m scheme is expected to create hundreds of new homes along the River Croal between Bank Street and River Street.

As younger generations have shown an increased interest in living in waterside properties, Church Wharf is expected to be an attractive place to live with walkways along the river and a strong community feel.

The housing development will create leisure and office space, hotel accommodation, and retail options, adding 290 jobs once construction is complete. This development will regenerate an underused town centre site, drawing workers, residents, investors, and visitors alike.

Opportunities for buy-to-let property investors

In the past few years, Bolton’s town centre has seen a number of new developments. As more growth continues to come to the town over the next decade, investors are likely to become even more interested in the transforming and thriving town of Bolton.

With many housing developments on the way and further regeneration and infrastructure coming to the town, there will be many investment opportunities opening up in Bolton, offering a variety of opportunities for buy-to-let property investors.

Source: Buy Association

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