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Guest blog: ‘Glasvegan’ trend takes over UK’s most vegan-friendly city

Glasgow’s reputation for being a rough city, full of grimy dock-workers and unhinged football hooligans, voraciously eating meat pies and haggis dinners has long since been replaced with a reputation for creativity, music, friendliness and, perhaps the most unexpected, veganism.

As a vegetarian, who eats fish (I refuse to use the term pescatarian – it sounds so, well, wanky for want of a better word), I’m happy to dabble with the odd vegan dish from time to time. To be fair, sometimes the vegan option is the most interesting thing on the menu and with so many of my friends choosing to adopt the vegan diet, I find myself frequenting vegan restaurants more and more.

Since PETA named Glasgow The Most Vegan-Friendly City in the UK back in 2013, there have been countless vegan restaurants and delis opening up across the city. As our love affair with veganism continues, many of the city’s mainstream restaurants have extended their menus to include a selection of vegan items, some even offer separate vegan menus altogether, making it possible for people of different dining persuasions to enjoy eating out together.

Hanging around the fringes of Glasgow’s vegan community, I have come to realise it’s not all about healthy eating. Vegans, just like everyone else, have an appetite for healthy and unhealthy food – they’re just not into animals suffering because of it.

Head down to Mono at Trongate and you can order yourself the Scottish classic, a pizza crunch vegan style, washed down with a vegan beer, start your day with a vegan fry up at The Glad Café in the Southside, treat yourself to a vegan Afternoon Tea at The Hidden Lane Tearoom in the West End, hell you can even order vegan fish ‘n’ chips from The Kent Fish & Chip shop in Finnieston and vegan square sausage from Rose & Grants on Argyle Street – the choices are endless and they’re in every part of the city.

My personal favourite when it comes to Glasgow’s vegan eateries, mostly for the name to be fair, is Glasvegan, a takeaway joint in St Enoch Square. It pretty much sums up how, what was once regarded as a millennial trend has become an integral and growing part of our city’s dining out culture.

So, if you’re up for dabbling in some plant-based cuisine, healthy or otherwise, you won’t be stuck for choice when out and about in a city known as the dear green place.

Main photo by Ivana Milakovic/Unsplash

Source: guest blog from Smash.Communications

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