York Roman Quarter

Plan for £150m Roman Quarter in historic city of York

York-based developers North Star, in partnership with York Archaeological Trust, plan to demolish three buildings on Rougier Street in the city centre.

In its place the developer will build a hotel, offices, apartments and the Roman centre.

The development will be called Roman Quarter’, will consist of 235,000 sq ft buildings, including a 145-bed hotel, 228 flats, 33,000 sq ft for the new Roman attraction, along with 15,500 sq ft for new cafes, retail and restaurants.

As part of the plans, the former Roman Road will be reinstated, connecting Tanner Street with Station Road.

York Archaeological Trust will conduct a two-year dig of the site, prior to building work starting.

The dig will be one of the largest of its kind in the UK, and is expected to be significant because the waterlogged ground preserves so much organic matter.

Significant Roman finds will be displayed in the new basement visitor attraction that itself will help to drive national and international tourism to the city.

A planning application will be submitted in the coming months.

Source: Construction Enquirer

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