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Cinema evolution: location-based entertainment with VIP luxury

Fancy a trip to the cinema, complete with uncomfortable seats, overpriced popcorn, and boring soft drinks? No?

It’s just as well then that thanks to cinema evolution, the experience is becoming entirely different. Some cinemas now boast motion seats, luxury recliners, enhanced F&B, 4DX, escape rooms, and even a dark ride.

Potential customers are now streaming TV and movies. They can watch on 65-inch smart TVs with Ultra HD 4K from the comfort of their own homes. But cinemas are attempting to entice them with more premium experiences.

Cinema evolution: Location-based entertainment at Cineplex

Leading this cinema evolution is Canada’s largest cinema chain, Cineplex, offering more premium cinema options and expanding its location-based entertainment (LBE).

Cineplex’s premium experience includes wall-to-wall screens, Dolby ATMOS surround sound, extra-wide, high back seats. It also offers IMAX, and VIP cinemas with enhanced food and drinks menus, adult-only licensed auditoriums, and luxury seating.

Other features include D-BOX (seats moving in sync with the film), 4DX (motion seats moving in sync with the film but with environmental effects like mist, wind, and bubbles), and luxury recliners with powered footrests.

Cineplex offers location-based VR attractions like The VOID and XSCAPE interactive entertainment centres at its venues. It is also partnering with VRstudios and has a plan to install up to 40 VRstudios arcades in its multiplexes and LBE centres across Canada by 2021.

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