New Museum of Western Australia

Perth: heritage buildings combined with volume for new museum

Hassell and OMA have completed construction of the New Museum for Western Australia, which houses museum exhibitions, event spaces and public areas in a newly unified group of old and new buildings.

Located in Perth, the facility combines four heritage-listed buildings with a newly created volume, tripling the size of the museum.

It has been deliberately designed as a place for conversations, to inspire new ideas and knowledge of global relevance. It is a museum that both showcases and stimulates discoveries. 

– David Gianotten

Inside, there are eight new galleries, a 1000sq m (10,800sq ft) special exhibitions gallery, multipurpose spaces for programs, learning studios, food and drink spaces and a variety of gathering and meeting spaces.

In addition, a new outdoor public area at the centre of the museum – the City Room – provides a space for outdoor gatherings, activities and events…

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