Dan Ellis, AMC

Reclining seats pioneer to lead AMC’s development team

AMC Entertainment to elevate Dan Ellis to Senior Vice President, Development & International.

Mark McDonald, Executive Vice President, Development & International, will retire at the end of February 2020 after a distinguished 41-year career at AMC Theatres

AMC Entertainment (NYSE:AMC, “AMC” or the “Company”) today announced that Dan Ellis, head of Domestic Development at AMC, will succeed Mark McDonald as the head of AMC’s Development & International Department, following McDonald’s retirement at the end of February 2020. The two executives spent the last two years working closely together in Development, and the Company expects an orderly and smooth transition.

Ellis has worked within AMC’s Development department since 2017 as the head of Domestic Development. Prior to AMC, Ellis spent five years as Senior Vice President and General Counsel at Carmike Cinemas, which AMC acquired in 2017. Ellis will report to Adam Aron, AMC CEO and President. Along with his current Development assignment, also reporting to Ellis will be Mark Way, President of AMC Europe and Managing Director of Odeon Cinemas Group, who leads AMC’s operations in Europe, and Jason Cole, Vice President, M&A and International Development, who leads AMC’s operations in the Middle East.

McDonald, who began his remarkable 41-year career at AMC in 1978, has held a variety of titles at AMC, including General Manager, Assistant Division Operations Manager, VP Finance, SVP Asia, and EVP Development & International. Among a long list of accomplishments and contributions to AMC’s success, perhaps his most notable came in 2011, when McDonald led the industry’s first-ever project to introduce all reclining seats to a previously traditional auditorium in Lakewood, Washington. What became known as the “The Miracle of Lakewood” paved the way for AMC to roll out recliners in hundreds of theatres across its circuit and revolutionized the entire theatre industry…

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