Epson report: 'The Experiential Future'

Epson report shows consumers expect immersive experiences

Epson, the laser projection specialist, has released a new report entitled The Experiential Future which reveals that consumers are demanding more immersive experiences.

Epson is pleased to announce the release of its new research report, The Experiential Future, which explores what guests feel about participating in events and attractions. It has found that demand for immersive technology is on the rise, as half of British people want to participate in experiences, not just watch.

Technology allows brands to connect with audiences in new and exciting ways, and more people now want to be immersed in experiences, instead of simply being bystanders. In fact, 50% of UK consumers said they wanted to physically participate in events.

The Experiential Future

This new research, commissioned by Epson, looked into customers’ views on the use of immersive technologies at events and attractions. For example, large-scale projections, interactive displays, holograms, virtual reality and augmented reality.

The people most interested in this type of event are millennials: almost two-thirds (63%) of those surveyed said that they had taken part in or attended an experiential event or attraction over the last 12 months. Furthermore, over half (57%) of the millennials who responded said that immersive technology is not used enough at events.

Over a fifth of Millennials (22%) and 17% of Generation Z, have also attended an experiential event abroad, in addition to 17% of Generation X…

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