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European property market survey tips recovery in 12 months

In Europe, a majority of 75% of real estate professionals expect positive performance of real estate to return in 12 months.

That is the combined verdict of over 840 people so far who have responded to PropertyEU/NL Market Barometer in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

Key findings to date include that over 90% of professionals across Europe have currently switched to working from home.

The majority also says Covid-19 has made their day-to-day tasks and responsibilities more challenging, rating it as a ‘7’ on a scale of 1-10 (10 being incredibly challenging).

Less than 1% of people are ‘extremely confident’ in the positive performance of real estate in 3 months, just 1% in 6 months’ time, only 6% for 12 months’ time, and 21% in +12 months.

PropertyEU/NL Market Barometer

When asked how concerned they are about the impact upon their jobs and/or firm, they rate it a ‘7 out of 10’.

Though there has not (yet) been a complete halt to fresh investments or transactions, there has been a marked slowdown. The data show people rank t 4.5, with 0 being a complete shut down and 10 being completely normal activity…

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