projector in smoky room. Photo by Jermy Yap/Unsplash

Free community membership for UK cinema professionals

Cinema Technology Community (CTC) has today announced the creation of a new free membership level to help support the global cinema technology community during the current Covid-19 crisis.

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The new membership level allows cinema professionals to gain an initial six-month free access to all members-only content including presentations, white papers, handbooks, test materials, podcasts, magazines, over ten hours of video content including CTC’s complete Women in Cinema series and the CTC technology forum aimed at enabling the cinema community to seek advice, share knowledge and expertise and remain connected by sharing words, pictures and videos.

“This new measure takes us a further step on from the measures we announced last week to extend all existing paid membership and sponsorships by six months whilst we face this crisis. This new membership level is our small way of giving back and helping to support the global cinema community that we all cherish being a part of. Through our range of deliverables and online resources we aim to enable our industry to remain together and connected during these incredibly difficult times,” explains Richard Mitchell, President of CTC…

… visit Cinema Technology Community for access and information

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