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Iran: shopping centres display “union, solidarity & compassion”

Similar to every country that the corona virus has swept through, Iran has been hit pretty hard as well and almost all businesses and economic activities have been destroyed.

One area of business which has been hit hard by this virus is Iran’s retail industry and shopping centers, to the extent that they have almost closed down since there no more customers.

The situation gets worse when you find out that the Iranian New Year’s shopping season starts at the 20thof February and continues until the 20th of March. Unfortunately this virus started destroying Iran’s retail industry from the 20th of February.

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However in such times owners and managers of Iran’s shopping centers with the help and insight of Mr. Shahrokh Keshavarz, the Regional representative of The Middle East council of shopping centers in Iran, were able to start a campaign in order to support the tenants of these shopping centers. Fortunately this campaign has been successful in helping Iran’s retail industry get through these hard times with less loss.

Mr. Shahrokh Keshavarz has been able to gain valuable experiences by being present in many international retail events on shopping centers. During this crisis, he has convinced more than 50 owners and managers of great shopping centers to help and support their tenants, and also holding them to their social responsibility by allowing these tenants to work rent-free for 2 to 3 month, or by substantially reducing their rent. This has helped thousands of retailers and shopkeepers to be relieved and no longer feeling distressed.

After being acclaimed by shopping centers and appreciated by the tenants, this campaign has swiftly brought attention to itself by drawing the attention of television channels, newspapers, and social media and has become widespread throughout the country…

… visit Middle East Council of Shopping Centres & Retailers (MECS+R) to read full story

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