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UAE opinion: brand is key to business survival of COVID-19

Stephen George, CEO and founder of Surkus and co-founder of Groupon believes current downturn presents plenty of opportunities

Businesses impacted by the current coronavirus crisis are being urged to continue building brand loyalty and exploit all digital tools at their disposal, according to Stephen George, CEO and founder of Surkus, an experiential marketing platform.

George is no stranger to operating during tough times, having co-launched discounting giant Groupon around the start of the global financial collapse in 2008.

Despite the world’s economy slipping into recession as countries implement widespread restrictions on travel and movement in a desperate bid to control the spread of the deadly Covid-19, George believed there are opportunities for businesses to prosper.

He told Arabian Business: “They need to be continuing to invest, not only in acquiring customers, but engaging with them and building that brand loyalty. It’s really just a transition and now, more than ever, there are the tools to allow that to happen.

“If you think of food and beverage, there’s all the delivery platforms out there to help brands make that transition, from walk-in, dine-in customers to take-away and delivery. If you think about any of the health and beauty products, there’s Noon and there’s Amazon, those platforms exist to help them make that transition.

“There’s so many tools that can be leveraged, looking back at maybe the last crisis, back in 2008 for example, not all those existed and ones that did they weren’t that mature, or as affordable or as easy to implement as they are now.”

Surkus, which also operates in Hong Kong and in the USA, launched in the UAE in October last year and has its headquarters in Abu Dhabi’s Hub71 start-up ecosystem.

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