Artist's impression of what the drive-in concerts could look like. CREDIT: DRIVE IN ENTERTAINMENT AUSTRALIA

Drive-in live performances could be part of new normal

As coronavirus restrictions begin to lift and people start returning to life outside their homes, going to a drive-in to see live music or a theatre performance could become part of the new live entertainment scene.

Drive-In Entertainment Australia is teaming up with local councils to bring a variety of live performances to drive-ins, with non-contact ticketing achieved through the use of electronic devices and manual scanning.

“If it can go on a stage, it can go on our stage, said Samwise Holmes, Drive-In’s managing director. “It could be ballet, opera, music theatre, Shakespeare, a concert or an orchestra.

Australian performer Casey Donovan will be among the first to hit a drive-in stage with a Sydney launch show at Tempe on Thursday – the first of what’s expected to be at least eight locations across New South Wales and Victoria.

“I am so excited to get back on stage in front of actual people and not just a camera phone in my bedroom,” Donovan said. “The coronavirus has taken out an industry that will never back down or give up the fight. The music entertainment industry is continuously trying so hard to keep everyone entertained and distracted from the reality that has now become a new kind of normal.”

Mr Holmes said four NSW venues and four in Victoria would be announced in July.

“The primary locations will be launched in July and this [launch on Thursday] is an opportunity for us to demonstrate how this model will work and how a drive-in live theatre can operate, given that it’s a first in Australia…

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Main image: artist impression of what the drive-in concerts, kicking off on Thursday, could look like. CREDIT: DRIVE IN ENTERTAINMENT AUSTRALIA

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