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Entertainment’s next adventure: Part 1 | # 1029

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The Stinger Report starts a new chapter in its long history of reporting on the cutting edge in Out-of-Home Entertainment. We start this first in a series looking at the new landscape ahead, first with news covering Arena Scale VR’s re-emergence, along with a look at how VR Arcade Business Gets Support from new content and platforms; and finally we look at how Arena Scale Gains Momentum with new developments.

Main Report

The Stinger Report moves forward and, after an extensive ten-part “Entertainment’s Shifting Paradigm” retrospective, we now move to the new uplands. Towards the innovation and application in the sector, we focus on these aspects that will help to drive the future of our businesses. But we will also not shirk from reporting on outdated mentalities, and how they must be addressed to ensure the regrowth of this vibrant and vital industry…

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