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Expert views on the growth of Mixed Reality Entertainment

The Stinger Report: Reinvesting in the Entertainment Landscape | Part 3 | # 1037

Report Skinny

Redefining the new phase of immersive entertainment coverage in The Stinger Report; and in this latest series of features, this third part looks at the Mixed Reality Entertainment scene’s growth, the continuing and momentous changes impacting the reality of the movie theater scene and ever-expanding landscape that is eSports, and how a new betting infrastructure could turn this business (and others) on its head.

Main Report

The changing shape of the Out-of-Home Entertainment landscape has been difficult to chart alongside the restructuring of the entertainment industry sector in general. It feels as if six years has been condensed into the same number of months – with changes that many of us felt would take generations, happening overnight. Be it the adoption of remote working, frictionless payment, audience registration systems, or a new mindset towards what is achievable with a true entertainment model…

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