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The post-COVID LBE VR market re-emerges from lockdown…

The Stinger Report: Reinvesting in the Entertainment Landscape | Part  8 | # 1042

Kevin Williams
Kevin Williams

Report Skinny

Redefining the new phase of immersive entertainment coverage in The Stinger Report; and in this eighth part (the second of a two-part series) we look at the impact and re-emergence of the VR free-roaming (Arena Scale) business, concluding by looking at the new developments and the next phase of business.

Main Report

Continuing the coverage of the impact that free-roaming Out-of-Home Entertainment is having on the re-emerging market, and we see that major IP and a continuation of business are driving the market. While many tried to paint the post-COVID LBE VR market as doomed, the reality is that the market has started to re-emerge from lockdown and is seeing a return of its audience, while the operators who have survived the loss of business now look to the investment towards the next phase of establishing their prospects…

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