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The Stinger Report: “redefining the new phase of entertainment coverage”

The Stinger Report: Reinvesting in the Entertainment Landscape | Part  7 | # 1041

Report Skinny

Redefining the new phase of immersive entertainment coverage in The Stinger Report; and in this seventh (two-part) report, we look at the impact and re-emergence of the VR free-roaming (Arena-Scale) business, first looking at the upheavals and new developments.

Main Report

It would be all too easy to write off the VR amusement sector, with some even pontificating that location-based VR has probably taken a terminal hit from COVID. At the same time, we have reported on the reopening of venues in Asia and Europe and even America, and are seeing the return of the audience, although in tentative numbers. The same condition impacts the gym and fitness, cinema, hotel, restaurant, and bar and even theme park industries, to name a handful. But like these other sectors, the COVID situation has been met and the industries are re-emerging, bloodied but defiant, charting a brand new course…

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