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Expert analysis of the facility business and ongoing ‘cinema dilemma’

The Stinger Report: Reinvesting in the Entertainment Landscape | Part  10 | # 1044

Kevin Williams
Kevin Williams

Report Skinny

Redefining the new phase of Immersive Entertainment coverage in The Stinger Report; and in this tenth part we look at the “Facility Business”, including more developments in the ongoing “Cinema Dilemma”. Then we look at the impact on the 2021 trade Exhibition Front and the cascade of cancellations. And finally, we look at the new thinking behind amusement “Crossing Over” into offering home entertainment verticals.

Main Report

Looking at the greater picture that is impacting the international amusement and attractions trade, and we start to see some patterns regarding the effects and developments in the business. As the 2021 sales season is impacted, the ramifications on operations business, as well as new machine sales, looks to be changing in ways that will totally alter the business landscape for the industry long before any possibility of returning to a “normal” strategy…

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