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The Stinger Report: all the latest in OOH entertainment

The Stinger Report: The Roadmap Ahead for Entertainment | Part  6 | #1050

Report Skinny

The only way to “Stay-Up-To-Date” regarding the new phases of immersive entertainment, is with The Stinger Report. This latest report has in-depth cover on the move by SEGA Sammy Group to divest their game centre business, and the impacts this will have overall. And we conclude with the latest major impacts rocking the cinema business, and how the major studios are positioning for their future revenue streams.

Main Report

The current global conditions are impacting not just the audience and business scene, but also having a greater impact on the long-term structure and resolve of traditional business sectors. This is best illustrated by those traditional amusement and entertainment markets that are seeing restructuring, and even major acquisition agreements taking place, as businesses look at diversifying under the changed international landscape…

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