Blue Hour in Bradford by Tim Green on Flickr

Bradford named second most entrepreneurial city in UK

Research has revealed Bradford is the second most entrepreneurial city in the UK.

The report, by workplace comparison site Instant Offices, found Bradford has a ‘entrepreneur index’ of 32 per cent, behind only Portsmouth in the UK.

It compared the number of new businesses created in the 2020 according to Companies House to the population of the city, with the number of businesses launched going up by 32 per cent. In 2020, 4,786 new businesses were created in the district.

Kersten England, chief executive of Bradford Council, said the figures show why it is important Bradford is included in Northern Powerhouse Rail. She said: “Great to see Bradford ranked second in the top 20 most entrepreneurial UK cities. Yet another reason why it’s so important to put a city centre stop on the Northern Powerhouse Rail line through Bradford. Unlock the potential and growth of this great young diverse entrepreneurial city!”…..

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