The Stinger Report 1054

Capturing the prize across the OOH entertainment market

The Stinger Report: Driving Trends Reshaping the Market | #1054

Report Skinny

In The Stinger Report #1054 – This issue covers in detail:

  1.  The impact on the amusement perennial Crane Gaming in the new market, looking at the history of the platform, and revealing a new future.
  2. Marking SEGA’s 35th Anniversary of the legendary ‘UFO Catcher’ and looking at its future in the market it has instigated.
  3. The Japanese amusement scene’s dependence, emerging lockdown, on offering fun physical gaming via the Crane Game and their merch, and how venues like from TAITO compete for Guinness World Record machine operation.
  4. Charting the brand new online “Live Play”, engendered by the new lease of life through Netch and the birth of “Online Skill-Crane Game”, from a growing number of competitors.
  5.  The Stinger Report then broadens its coverage to look at developments in the venue market, including eSport development from Riot Games, and the changing cinema scene including new business for ShowBiz Cinemas

….and much, much more!

The Stinger Report, published by KWP and its director, Kevin Williams, as the leading interactive out-of-home entertainment news-and-views resource, covering the immersive frontier and beyond.

Main Report

We have seen several diversions and pivots in the business by those in the amusement and attractions scene. We have covered in The Stinger Report, on several occasions, the embracing of what seems like the go-to app of “Video Conferencing” due to the ramifications of the Global Health Crisis. This is the platform applied by some Zoom-based Escape Gaming, Zoom-based Trivia Parties, and Zoom-based Social Private Hire activities. But there is another aspect of remote-play that has rocketed in interest, which directly takes from the physical aspects of the “Amusement” scene – and was in place long before the current situation.

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