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The Stinger Report: The New Roadmap Ahead! | #1052

Report Skinny

1. This first issue of the new style report addresses the big question regarding the immersive entertainment sector regarding “The Great Reset”
2. Looking at “Trend Setting: The New Entertainment Offerings”, the new technology that will be employed to drive audiences back to Out-of-Home Entertainment
3. Considering the “Arising Destination Entertainment Operation”, with regards to the new style of venues that will be created to captivate an audience in need of fun and excitement
4. This report also looks at “Managing the Future Audience”, and how technology is playing its part in promotion, management and entertaining our guests
5. Concluding with the needs of “Managing the Future Venue”, and the “Future Powerbrokers of Location Entertainment”; charting the key players and applications that are shaping the markets #SpringBack
All this, and much, much more!

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– The Stinger Report, published by KWP and its director, Kevin Williams, as the leading interactive out-of-home entertainment news-and-views resource, covering the immersive frontier and beyond.

Main Report

Marking the first of the new design and presentation of The Stinger Report, and we are jumping straight into the big issues impacting the industry, and the major questions that will need to be considered moving forward in this brand new era…

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