Stufish social distanced vertical theatre (demountable, Coronavirus)

Socially distanced Vertical Theatre heralds “new era of performance venues”

Architecture studio Stufish has revealed its concept for a socially-distanced vertical theatre, which was created in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The concept was created for the recently formed The Vertical Theatre Group, which was founded by entertainment architects Stufish along with several theatre directors and producers.

Named the Vertical Theatre, it aims to be a pop-up venue for the “new era of performance venues” while social distancing regulations are in place and once the pandemic has passed.

Socially distanced Vertical Theatre
Stufish designed the Vertical Theatre to be a socially distanced venue

“Initially, the concept was about keeping the arts alive by creating a venue that could ‘pop up’ in cities around the country and be programmed and run by those left out of work from the closure of local theatres and live entertainment venues,” said Holly Gilliam, director at The Vertical Theatre Group.

“As the design started taking shape, we decided to broaden our approach and to create a commercially viable space for live entertainment now, in a world of social distancing, as well as it being an innovative new venue that would provide a space for all levels of live entertainment into the future,” she told Dezeen…

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