Charles Roven by Dick Thomas via Wikimedia Commons

Superhero film franchises are nervous of world without big-screen debuts

‘Wonder Woman 1984’ producer Charles Roven says theatrical model is the lifeblood of franchise films

This Christmas weekend, millions of movie lovers tuned in to watch Wonder Woman fly across their televisions instead of on towering movie screens. While convenient for some and for others the only way to see the movie, the creators of the production describe streaming as a regrettable medium for superhero films.

Star Gal Gadot, who plays the main character in “Wonder Woman 1984,” said in an interview the streaming experience for viewers is unlikely to match going to the movie theater. “Cinemas have the ability to give fans the 360 experience,” she said.

Director Patty Jenkins even shot the film with special IMAX cameras hoping to amplify the scale of the 2½ hour action-packed spectacle….

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