Stinger Report 1058

The Stinger Report: Virtual Amusement Business

The Stinger Report: Virtual Amusement Business| #1058

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In The Stinger Report #1058 – This issue covers in detail:

1. The dependence on Virtual Conferences grows, with the first major trade events for the year held via online streaming – seeing the first Foundations Entertainment University (FEU) hold the class of #53, and incorporate a new facility visit element before a unique behind the scenes look on actual new FEC projects in development.
2. The latest conference to support the FEC sector opened its doors with a three-day gathering of leading industry luminaries at ShowUp. This was an event that saw several of products launches from LAI Games, Raw Thrills, VRsenal and others.
3. Coinciding with the ShowUp event, and major announcements regarding business developments were made from SPREE Interactive, alongside the acquisition of SpringboardVR by a major VR development house, namely Vertigo Games.
4. Coverage of some of the keynote seminar sessions streamed at ShowUp are also covered in this exclusive look at the event and assessments made of the new developments, along with new announcements made. All in this first part…
….and much, much more!

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Main Report

Going into 2021, it was inevitable that actual physical trade events would not be viable – no matter how much wishful thinking, cautious minds overruled enthusiasm, and the first major trade events would be held virtually. We have already covered the CES event in detail, and now we move to the more amusement and attraction trade focused virtual offerings that took place in the early part of the year. Within this we are given a glimpse of the means undertaken to keep the flame of community business alive…..

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