Stinger 1056

Entertainment Consumes Electronics!

The Stinger Report: Entertainment Consumes Electronics!


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In The Stinger Report #1056 – This issue covers in detail:

1. The largest consumer electrics show (CES) reverts to a virtual event, but the trends for Out-of-Home Entertainment still shine through as the event moves to a “Virtual Showfloor”; and we still get the best access.
2. The genus of the “Immersive Display Attraction” technology soon to be ubiquitous in our industry was revealed from Sony and LG, with announcements on new “Projection-based Attractions” such as the Illuminarium Experiences.
3. We see the emergence of the latest slim XR eyewear from Panasonic and Lenovo, while Apple and Facebook tease their entrance into the fray and Magic Leap does what it does best!
4. Along with the latest coverage of haptic feedback technology that will migrate into LBE from bHaptics and SenseGlove, the deployment of VR in fitness and even an appearance of amusement at the show from STERN and Arcade1UP.
….and much, much more!

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The Stinger Report, published by KWP and its director, Kevin Williams, as the leading interactive out-of-home entertainment news-and-views resource, covering the immersive frontier and beyond.

Main Report

Starting the New Year’s trade event coverage with a crowded lineup of major events and the development of the latest tech trends. At the same time, deployment of the latest frictionless payment infrastructures and new processes shape the path ahead for the future of the immersive entertainment landscape. The international lockdown, for many manufacturers, has not impacted the innovation on display, just that we now must go to new lengths to ensure reporting on developments.

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