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The Stinger Report eyes amusement industry, as it eyes competition

The Stinger Report: Amusement eyes competition | #1057

Report Skinny

In The Stinger Report #1057 – This issue covers in detail:

1. Coming late to the party they invented, amusement trade increases investment in tournament gaming, with a new PGA partnership teased from Incredible Technologies, and new competition elements from BANDAI NAMCO and KONAMI.

2. The continuance of restructuring sweeps the Japanese factories, and developments at SEGA Sammy Holdings sees momentous shifts in business positioning and developments within their gaming businesses.

3. The real development impacts on deploying frictionless payment systems is revealed, with news of changes at Walt Disney regarding payment methods, and the impact of ePayment deployment on the international stage.
….and much, much more!

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Main Report

The continuing momentum from the deployment of a tournament and competition element to the guest experience, personified by eSport, seems to borrow heavily from the high-score and tournament element of the amusement scene. The investment in new tournament competition elements has also seen greater investment from amusement developers, as the competition prize element of the market also gains momentum towards the rebirth of facility operation…

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