John Sullivan

Cinema is dead? John Sullivan says, “Long live cinema!”

The scare of cinemas dying out has been the fear for movie enthusiasts even before the pandemic, but has the death of cinemas become a reality or is it just scaremongering? John Sullivan, founding director of The Big Picture Global Cinema Consultancy tells all. Does the COVID-19 lockdowns of cinemas and the surge in direct-to-streaming film product signal the end of Cinema?  While investors, property markets and ardent cinema fans are all rightly concerned about the current state of cinema, rumours of its impending death are wildly exaggerated. Many cinema…

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Korean gamers

The cinemas now hiring out their screens to gamers

Eui Jeong Lee and three of her friends sit in an otherwise empty 200-seat cinema auditorium and play a video game on the giant screen. As Ms Lee blasts her gaming opponents with her wireless controller, the sound whips loudly around the dark room from the numerous cinema speakers. “The sound quality is particularly amazing,” says the 25-year-old student. “The sound of the gunshots is just so vivid, and when something flew directly at me from the screen I even screamed.” Ms Lee and her mates had hired the screen…

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Longfield Shopping Centre

Council eyes Prestwich for new development

Bury Council has started talks to buy Longfield Shopping Centre from Hollins Murray Group to progress the delivery of a mixed-use scheme in the town centre in partnership with Muse Developments. HMG is courting reduced offers for the retail complex, presenting Bury with the opportunity to take control of the centre and its long-awaited redevelopment into “a distinct, usable civic external space, which symbolises the centre of the neighbourhood”.A report to Bury Council’s cabinet states that it has received notification that HMG would be “willing to consider a reduced price”…

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