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The Stinger Report – Virtual Amusement Business – Part 2

The Stinger Report: Virtual Amusement Business – Part 2| #1059

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In The Stinger Report #1059 – This issue covers in detail:

1. In this second part of our extensive ShowUp report, we look at the other major developments revealed by the show, including the development of Mid-Scale attractions for FEC from developers such as Creative Works, Extreme Engineering and Amusement Products.
2. The launch of new immersive attraction projects was also reflected, both on and off the virtual show floor, with a presentation by ex-VOID team of the ‘JUMP’ (LimitlessFlight) hyper-reality concept. Meanwhile, major investment is placed in a new shipping container concept with ‘UNCONTAINED’ (Immersive Tech).
3. Moving to the Asian amusement and attraction shows, and The Stinger Report is one of the few trade media to cover the first of the Chinese virtual conventions to be held, with a report from the ASEAN Virtual Exhibition and new VR releases from LEKE VR and Movie Power.
4. Looking at the importance of brands in the entertainment landscape, and we have coverage from the Toy Fair 2021. We look at the importance of amusement IP factors, along with the anniversary of major aspects of the industry, including marking the birth of video gaming with Mario (Nintendo) and Sonic’s (SEGA) anniversaries, and the need to take back control.
….and much, much more!

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– First of Year Amusement Virtual Gatherings – Part 2
Returning to the ShowUp trade floor and, of those 80 exhibitors, a number represented the larger aspects of amusement and FEC deployment. There is a need for unique attractions such as laser tag, bowling and go-karts, and immersive attractions were now taking their place in these lineups…….

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