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When will location-based entertainment fully recover?

The pandemic’s impacts on life, the rate of infections and vaccinations, how long immunity will last, the emergence of new coronavirus variants, and consumers’ comfort returning to different public activities are almost all daily moving targets.

But some general trends have emerged for predicting when and to what extent location-based entertainment (LBE) might recover.

One thing is for sure. The old normal will not be the new normal. We won’t be going back to the way things were in 2019. Different segments of LBEs will be affected differently. Based on our company’s continuing research, here’s our predictions on how recovery may unfold.

To the extent it happens, the recovery won’t be like a light switch turning it on. It will emerge gradually in different phases over probably the next three years.

Phase 1 – Infection transition phase

The first phase is likely to occur this year in the U.S. It’s timing will be based on how fast the population is vaccinated and how low new infections become. It is an “infection transition phase,” basically when we will reach or get close to herd immunity. There are predictions that herd immunity could occur as early as April 2021…..

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