Precot Picture Palace

Can an old cinema help bring Prescot back to life?

John Sullivan gives a tour of the historic Prescot Picture Palace to ITV Granada “Did you know Liverpool was once known as Liverpool-near-Prescot?”, an enthusiastic man shouted as he crossed the road towards me. “And Daniel Craig spent some of his childhood here,” he continued. I didn’t know either but I was about to learn much more about this small Merseyside town and the exuberant figure approaching me. “Do you know Prescot? I’ll show you around,” he added without catching a breath. It turned out that this was the man I was…

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Stinger Report 1067

The Stinger Report – Entertainment Takes to the Road

The Stinger Report:Entertainment Takes to the Road # 1067 Report Skinny In The Stinger Report #1067 – This issue covers in detail:   1. [TRENDING NEWS] First in a series of features that look at the latest trends in amusement and attraction development, with the latest immersive “Transportable Entertainment”. 2. [TRENDING NEWS] Looking at how some manufacturers are developing VR attractions that can be hauled to the location on their own trailers. 3. [TRENDING NEWS] Charting the deployment of immersive entertainment in a mobile package that will make the difference in…

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Noland Bushnell - Campus Party Brasil via Wikipedia Commons

Atari founder Nolan Bushnell: esports will be bigger than the World Cup

After five decades in the video games industry, Nolan Bushnell has come to an eyebrow-raising conclusion: virtual sports will soon eclipse traditional sports such as football as the entertainment of choice for generation Z. The co-founder of Atari and inventor of the hit game Pong says today’s youngsters are shunning live sports. “I would be willing to bet that if you were to look at the audience, it’s skewing older because of the loss of younger players,” said Bushnell, a serial entrepreneur who gave the teenage Steve Jobs his first…

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