Precot Picture Palace

Can an old cinema help bring Prescot back to life?

John Sullivan gives a tour of the historic Prescot Picture Palace to ITV Granada

“Did you know Liverpool was once known as Liverpool-near-Prescot?”, an enthusiastic man shouted as he crossed the road towards me. “And Daniel Craig spent some of his childhood here,” he continued. I didn’t know either but I was about to learn much more about this small Merseyside town and the exuberant figure approaching me.

“Do you know Prescot? I’ll show you around,” he added without catching a breath. It turned out that this was the man I was waiting to meet. Wearing dark glasses and a scarf, John Sullivan of The Big Picture was dressed for a cold but sunny day. I detected an Australian accent.

Having filmed in Prescot many times before, I politely parked the idea of a tour in favour of looking around the dilapidated old building I was really here to see…

visit ITV to watch the tour of the picture palace 

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