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Stinger Report counts up entertainment investment

The Stinger Report: Developing Investment – Part 2 | #106448

Report Skinny

In The Stinger Report #1064 – This issue covers in detail:

1. [BREAKING NEWS] The Stinger Report supplies the full overview of the information surrounding SEGA Corporation’s movement in Amusement Machine (AM) Business.

2. [TRENDING NEWS] Information on the structure going forwards and the impact on the amusement trade from the new developments.

3. [TRENDING NEWS] The ramifications for SEGA Amusement International (SAI), and how much this will change the Western power structure.

4. [TRENDING NEWS] Finally looking at how the Japanese subsidiary sector has moved beyond the Western amusement scene and the closing of an era in the business.

….all this and much, much more!

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The Stinger Report, published by KWP and its director, Kevin Williams, as the leading interactive out-of-home entertainment news-and-views resource, covering the immersive frontier and beyond.

Main Report

Just a matter of weeks previously, we covered the closure of PAC-MAN Entertainment (NAMCO USA) and the selling of its operation (to a group of still undisclosed buyers) – and we are now able to reveal the latest shoe to drop regarding Japanese amusement’s position on the once prosperous Western business, and the changing of the structure…

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