Stinger Report 1067

The Stinger Report – Entertainment Takes to the Road

The Stinger Report:Entertainment Takes to the Road # 1067

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In The Stinger Report #1067 – This issue covers in detail:


1. [TRENDING NEWS] First in a series of features that look at the latest trends in amusement and attraction development, with the latest immersive “Transportable Entertainment”.
2. [TRENDING NEWS] Looking at how some manufacturers are developing VR attractions that can be hauled to the location on their own trailers.
3. [TRENDING NEWS] Charting the deployment of immersive entertainment in a mobile package that will make the difference in attracting a new audience to venues.
4. [TRENDING NEWS] Tournament and competition placed in a mobile package for operators needing to add a broader immersive entertainment element to their venue.

….and much, much more!

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Main Report

With the re-emergence of the entertainment scene following a long lockdown, many facilities are looking at being forced to adopt reduced capacity numbers and look at better utilization of their space. There has also been an increased interest in “Transportable Entertainment” (with an immersive twist), to appeal to an audience still keen for entertainment, but also still concerned about crowded spaces. This has seen an explosion of interest in a traditional go-to from the entertainment industry’s armoury.

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