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What impact will Covid have had on global hospitality trends?

There’s no doubt the pandemic will have a long-lasting impact on the industry globally.

The dramatic and challenging changes Covid is leaving in its trail is also affecting customer behaviour and expectations. With the future of the sector at large riding on a successful reopening, how can we capitalise on these new expectations and adapt effectively to these emerging global trends?

The great outdoors

British climes are hardly renowned for their suitability to outdoor lifestyles, but recent demands have encouraged people to embrace the elements, with outdoor dining a lifeline for our hospitality industry. Public opinion polls suggest increased consumer confidence in outdoor venues. But this is not without challenge as reports suggest less than 40% of venues in the UK have outdoor spaces….

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By Clare Holt, programme leader at online learning provider Learna, which provides a range of Executive MBAs, including an EMBA in Hospitality and Tourism

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