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What staycations mean for the UK hotel market

Hotel Owner explores the rise in the staycations market and how companies such as Whitbread have adapted their strategies.

Whilst the UK remains in lockdown, an emerging trend within the hotel industry has risen: staycations.

As international travel remains in limbo, more and more people have been investing in going away domestically. The interest in staycations had led to a whopping 239% rise in August bookings and a 166% rise in July hotel bookings, according to AI booking engine Avivo.

Last year, The Cumberland surveyed over 1,000 people and found that the majority of British holidaymakers prefer to holiday in the UK rather than abroad, with 83% opting for a staycation in recent times. The survey also highlighted that hotels and cottages were the most popular types of accommodation for those holidaying in Britain, at 39% and 31%, respectively…

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