Stinger Report 1068

How SEGA changed amusement entertainment with the launch of it’s ‘R360’

The Stinger Report: Entertainment’s Rotating Obsession | #1068

Report Skinny

In The Stinger Report #1068 – This issue covers in detail:

1.  The important anniversary of the iconic SEGA ‘R360’, is marked in a far-reaching overview of the history of the attraction.
2. Looking at the influences that led to the development of the pivotal ‘R360’, and the competition and deployment.
3.Proving the game still has an influence on the market, this feature looks at the new contenders to the ‘R360’ throne.
4. We also look at some future releases which hope to offer a new lease of life to the active motion simulation experience, which is still influential.
….and much, much more!

Main Report

Continuing the occasional series and marking important anniversaries in the amusement scene, one of the most iconic and beloved of the SEGA golden age of amusement releases is covered, along with the legacy it has had on the market which is looking to grow once again. This coverage of the golden age of Amusement Machine (AM) development is even more poignant considering recent developments with the corporation.

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