Gaming in the GCC

Non-refundable tokens meet online gaming; Middle East players can cash in

NFTs and tokens to incentive gamers in ‘play to earn model’; the Middle East’s well developed gaming industry ‘great’ setting for this concept, said a Vorto Games chief

As the global gaming industry continues to boom, videogame stakeholders are utilising non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and other digital assets to incentivise players into spending even more time on the game by earning money.

Vorto Games, the company behind the videogame Hash Rush where players mine for digital goods and cryptos, is taking its concept a step further by introducing a ‘play to earn’ model where gamers generate real NFTs (digital assets stored on blockchain that represents the ownership real-world objects) through playing the game. These NFTs can be traded with other Hash Rush gamers and other videogame users within the Vorto Network, an NFT marketplace where gamers can trade their digital wares with each other outside of the game…..

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