Stinger Report 1069

The Stinger Report: Entertainment Facility Bonanza! – Part 1

In The Stinger Report #1069 part 1– This issue covers in detail:

Report Skinny

1. One of the new owners of some PAC-MAN Entertainment sites is revealed, as well as how GENDA SEGA Entertainment undertakes business reforms to cement its position.
2.  Mixed Use Leisure Entertainment (MULE) venues gain momentum, along with some unique new concepts that look towards establishing themselves.
3. Panasonic Business holds an important and influential virtual conference to reveal the next projection technology that points to the impact for the next generation of attractions in the industry.
4.  eSports and Sports Betting developments will be revealed, including news of a new re-branding at Dave & Busters, and changes at Chuck E. Cheese as they prepare for Summer.

….and much, much more!

The Stinger Report, published by KWP and its director, Kevin Williams, as the leading interactive out-of-home entertainment news-and-views resource, covering the immersive frontier and beyond.


Main Report

Fast development and investment is underway as Out-of-Home Entertainment is seen as hot, as the audience looks towards the ability to get out and about once again. This series of features looks at the key trends that are gaining momentum, and also the reappearance of a business model that has been seen before – hoping this time it is here to stay.

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