Stinger Report 1070

The Stinger Report: Entertainment Facility Bonanza! Part 2

In The Stinger Report #1070 – This issue covers in detail:

Report Skinny

1. The impact of immersive entertainment is seen in the cinema sector, reinvigorated by the first major film releases after so long. Premium Large Format (PLF) experiences are seen as drawing the audience back.
2. Retail-Tainment is back on the menu, as the retail and mall sector looks at the opportunity – with news that even Walt Disney is looking to return to pop-entertainment in malls, as the company decimates its stores.
3. Sports Betting and Casino gaming is on the rise following the lockdown, with a number of entertainment corporations thinking on a Sports Betting element, while the casino sector reconsiders Skill Gaming.
4. The explosion in interest in Augmented Reality development looks to pivot towards using Commercial Entertainment as a springboard towards customer recognition.
….and much, much more!

Main Report

Fast development and investment is underway as Out-of-Home Entertainment is seen as hot, as the audience looks towards the ability to get out and about once again. This series of features looks at the key trends that are gaining momentum, and also the reappearance of a business model that has been seen before – hoping this time it is here to stay….

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