The Stinger Report 1071

The Stinger Report: Social Entertainment Goes Golfing – part 1

In The Stinger Report #1071 – This issue covers in detail:

Report Skinny

1. Charting the re-emergence in popularity of mini-golf, this feature takes a far-reaching look at the Gamification of the traditional attraction, deploying new technology.
2. Looking at how the concept of Topgolf has played its part in influencing the migration to Gamified mini-golf from the likes of Puttshack, Creative Works, Puttery and Holey Moley, to name but a few.
3. New investment has been driven into looking at the opportunity of social entertainment with a mini-golf flavor, seeing big names such as Tiger Woods invest heavily in new concepts such as PopStroke.
4.  The first part of this feature looks at the way the market is expanding, while the second part looks at the profusion of new venues in the States and UK, along with charting new technologies which could add to this popularity.
….and much, much more!

Main Report

The Social Entertainment sector (what some have dubbed the “Food-n-Fun” scene) is seeing an explosion in interest coming out of the impacts from the Global Health Crisis. Much of this interest is a continuation of mounting investment that was made in 2019, before the great lockdown. Such interests are now reignited, and with greater emphasis to address the growing thirst from facility owners, operators, and the public, for all things to do with entertainment.
In this two-part feature, The Stinger Report will first be touching on the various trends in this sphere gaining interest, including the Gamification of the traditional attraction.

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