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The Stinger Report: Doubling Down on Entertainment – Part 2

In The Stinger Report # 1074

This issue covers in detail:

Report Skinny

1. Commercial VR is vital for growth of the Servius VR scene, with the launch of new standalone VR headsets from Pico Interactive and DPVR which set their sights on Enterprise releases.
2. At the same time, HTC breaks the silence and reveals a brand new range of Enterprise-focused VR headsets with a standalone VIVE Focus 3 system, and an update to the PC VR range with VIVE Pro 2.
3. In response to this news, Oculus VR starts to defend its market position and promises a new Quest Pro in the wings, along with changes to its TOS for commercial, and all while suffering a high level of executive departures.
4. Exclusive news from the show floor of China’s largest amusement and attraction exhibition – The Stinger Report reveals the trends in VR and MR that are revealed from the first real physical show floor of the year.
….and much, much more!

Main Report

Following on from the previous coverage on the impact of VR in the continuing evolving consumer games scene, and its appearance in the eSports arena, the actual hardware has seen a generational update, with several manufacturers focusing on their core Enterprise business to usher in new advancements in the more defined two areas of investment.

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