Stinger Report 1075

The Stinger Report: Entertainment – Go Big or Go Home!

In The Stinger Report # 1075

This issue covers in detail:

Report Skinny

1. The growth of interest in #Artainment, sees the launch of new immersive exhibit projects from the Royal Opera, the latest Denver gallery installation by Meow Wolf, and new developments from Positron VR.
2.  New developments in the eSports arena see a new series of venues, as well as the major news that Sony is looking at eSports betting on its console platform.
3. eSports new makes its mark in Japanese thinking, with the news that CAPCOM partners with NTT DoCoMo to launch new channel (‘X-MOMENT’) to grow the watching audience for the competitions.
4.  The major developments of the ‘Streaming War’ continue with news that Amazon is circling MGM; while AT&T instigates WarnerMedia to start the process to merge with Discovery – all this and the news of Wanda exiting AMC cinema business too…
….and much, much more!

Main Report

We are looking at an audience that has spent more than 12-months in isolation. An isolation that has seen an explosion in online support attempting to create alternatives to previous physical activities, ranging from visits to the restaurant to trips to the cinema. Streaming has exploded on the consumer front, along with the realisation that connectivity to the internet has become an essential, like clean water and electricity.
All this said, there is a realisation amongst investors, property developers and many in the entertainment and hospitality industry, that we are about to experience a major surge in interest for social entertainment, live events, and general out-of-home activities. Whilst vacations, cruises and air travel may not be a factor in this, no amount of speculation can avoid the reality that a “Super Staycation” atmosphere is gripping the general populous as we rush towards Summer. The Stinger Report has previously covered the opportunities of drop-in mobile attractions to fill the need, but now investment is turning to projects that mark the next phase of Out-of-Home Entertainment to address the needs of a highly sophisticated audience, who has access from home to the widest possible selection of streamed content than ever before…..

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