Stinger Report 1076

The Stinger Report: Entertainment’s growing landscape – part 1

In The Stinger Report # 1076

This issue covers in detail:

Report Skinny

1.  The amusement distribution impact emerging from lockdown sees major developments as the industry adjusts to the new normal.
2. SEGA reveals its entry into the eSports scene, with a brand-new platform to support competition, based on the Virtua Fighter property.
3. The use of new marketing platforms sees the amusement trade embrace the QR code revolution, as the rest of the market makes the move.
….and much, much more!

Main Report

It is more than obvious that the Out-of-Home Entertainment landscape is not just evolving, but also growing. The continued number of new facilities announcing their opening of doors only just keeps up with the news of growing business for the previous re-opening businesses. But, in amongst all the news, some trends are continuing to make themselves felt in the industry……

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