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Warm weather and Half-Term boost UK retail footfall as restrictions ease

Footfall across UK retail destinations rose by 11.6% last week from the week before, including a 17.4% increase in high streets, according to the latest figures from Springboard.

Across last week Springboard also found a 8.7% increase in footfall in shopping centres and a 2.3% increase in retail parks.

In coastal and historic town centres, the uplift in activity was “significantly greater”; 37.1% in coastal towns and 24.8% in historic towns.

Springboard also revealed that as visitors “flocked” to resorts, the south-west particularly benefited, with a rise in footfall that was greater than in any other part of the UK of 18.8% overall, and 30.8% in high streets.

Whilst the greatest rises in activity were in coastal and historic towns, large city centres also benefited with an increase in footfall in Central London of 23.8% and 19.3% in city centres elsewhere in the UK.

This meant that the gap in footfall from 2019 narrowed to -39.5% in Central London and just -12.9% in regional cities across the UK; the most modest annual decline in footfall since before the pandemic.

Some visitors stayed local, however, the increases in footfall were more modest at +10.4% in Outer London and +9.7% in market towns across the UK.

Diane Wehrle, Insights Director at Springboard, said: “A combination of the late May bank holiday, incredible weather and the school half term holiday had a hugely beneficial effect on customer activity in UK retail destinations last week; it not only led to the greatest weekly increase in footfall since the reopening of non-essential retail in April, but also the most modest annual decline since the start of the pandemic.

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