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The Stinger Report: entertainment’s growing landscape Part 2 | # 1077

In The Stinger Report # 1077…

This issue covers in detail:

1. [BREAKING NEWS] Regarding developments in the operation business, breaking news confirms SEGA Sammy (partnered with Genting Singapore) is moving fully into the Casino operations business in Japan.
2. [BREAKING NEWS] News of investment being made into Immersive entertainment venue business, with $4.1m made in OTHERWORLD, and Electronic Gamebox raising its own $11m new investment, along with others, towards major rollout plans.
3. [TRENDING NEWS] Surge in investment also sees new means to drive the market with crowd funding, making an impact in the growth of new business, such as investment in Virtuix, YAW and others.
….and much, much more!

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