The Stinger Report: LBEVR charts

The Stinger Report on the resurgent location-based entertainment VR audience

In The Stinger Report # 1079…

This issue covers in detail:

  1. [BREAKING NEWS] Exclusive breaking news of the actual revenue generated from the reopening VR amusement business, with a selection of leading providers supplying the reality of these moves in this first part.
  2. [TRENDING NEWS] Tethered VR machine operation revealed from HOLOGATE, Minority Media, and Inowize, with key indicators that their returning audience has started and and overview of their unique needs.
  3. [TRENDING NEWS] Meanwhile, VR enclosure developers MajorMega and Virtuix also share data on the rebounding attendance, and how the breakdown of the operations are seeing the new spend.
  4. [TRENDING NEWS] The driving of content and management software to enable to re-emergence of the business is revealed by industry leaders SpringboardVR and SynathisisVR – revealing the return of the player base.

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